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White Structure

"Interdisciplinary Girl"

"Music videos taught me how to dance. School taught me how to write. Film taught me how to dream."

Breanna Taylor, a Milwaukee native, brands herself as an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis on dance, film, content creation, and writing. With a strong passion for dance, Breanna prides herself on being a dancer without much formal training, in which she started off in after school dance groups (Praise Dance, Kothi African Dance, & Hip-Hop Dance) as early as 1st grade. Her love for film and writing developed during her early years as well, in which she could always be found writing short stories, poems, or reenacting her favorite movie scenes. Breanna utilizes her practices as a method toward transformative healing (coming to terms with traumas, pain, and repressed thoughts for the betterment of self and others), which she hopes remains at the forefront of all of her work. With the goal of thriving in the entertainment industry as apart of a production team, actress, and performer, Breanna is truly a force to be reckoned with. 

Breanna is available for hire, so if you are interested in speaking more, please utilize the "Contact" page to reach her. 

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