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"Eventually, I Have to Breathe: An Examination of the Practice of Hip Hop Dance & The Black Body."

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


This study focuses on how Hip-Hop Dance can be used as an antidotal tool to educate individuals on the retrieval (acknowledgement) and release (healing) of corporeal trauma, or trauma that has been stored away in the body. Corporeality serves the purpose of explaining how the Black body is used as a primary site of information, while sifting through its interaction with trauma. Trauma, in this context would be the results of slavery and ill-treatment of Black bodies (i.e., police brutality, low-resourced and underdeveloped communities, restrictions on Black expression, etc.) within a US context. In analyzing the Bangin’ dance scene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin among Black youth in underdeveloped and restricted communities, the practice of Hip-Hop Dance to retrieve and release embodied trauma can be explored through this body of work.- Breanna Taylor.

This research was completed during the Summer of 2018.

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