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(Hurr)y so (i) (cane) go!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Y'all know I love talking about water lol so it's no surprise that this poem is about water. I foresaw this poem being a love poem to my partner to come. I also pictured the hurricane being a portal to transport Black people to their true loves whatever those might be. I just saw us all getting out of here.

He took me into his open arms and placed his forehead against mine.

I cuddled the tip of his nose into the bridge of my own.

He whispered, "we can all get out of here."

I closed my eyes, trying to absorb the words which felt more like a prophecy.

I imagined us leaving.

A guided mediation through the imaginary and suddenly nothing felt singular.

I stood situated in front of the ocean.

I heard people reeling over the roars of the tide.

The sky lay still and the wind barely there.

The sea brought all of the chaos.

It flickered with reds, oranges, and blues.

A hurricane swept into the volcano underneath.

I dug my feet into the sand hoping to stay grounded.

But he nudged me towards the portal and reminded me, "we can all get out of here."

I winced in fear as I grabbed onto his arm as he floated towards the water.

He grabbed me back with angst and irritation.

"We can all get out of here."

I couldn't just give up my body like that.

It had to be something that came and took it from me, at least fight me for it.

But I could endure so I wouldn't give it away freely.

"You don't have to struggle, just leave."

At least I knew the hell on Earth.

I found pleasure in its pits somehow.

But time was there in front of me.

"You can fall into it finally."

He meant be dragged. Swallowed. Devoured.

"I mean be carried away. Handled with care."

He smiled like he was certain.

He retreated from leading and asked me to guide him.

A warm hand placed onto my stomach, his chest beating in the back of my spine.

We danced slowly towards the roars.

The music spilled out on the sand and dragged it back.

The chorus of others catapulted in a circle on their way down the mouth of the twister.

The water quickly circling around itself.

Once our feet broke the tension we were in its magnetic pull.

"We can dance forever now."

Everything 360.

Everything wet.

I opened my eyes and found us looking up at the before.

We stood at the bottom of nowhere and seen everyone.


I looked back at him and seen him looking at me.

"Shall we?"

Dance? He stepped out of the pull and reached for my hand.


I stepped outside of the pull, the twister disappeared. The ocean went flat.

"Here, we are infinite. We dance forever."

Dissolved into the waves, floating back and forth.

We visit the shores when the wind picks us up.

We bring our own into the curls of our ripples.

We are the hurricane, hurrying so you all can go.

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