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The Perfect Womxn (2019)
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The Encounter


The Humane Experiment is a series of performances that focuses on Blackness and how blackness responds and interact in the face of whiteness and/or white supremacy. The Humane Experiment also asserts pessimistic elements that ultimately prompts its audience to a pessimistic state of mind leading to revolution. Using artistic mediums such as acting, poetry, dance, song, movement, visual arts, and film to demonstrate its purpose, we believe this is something that the UW-Madison campus and community can greatly benefit from.

Created By: Jasmine Kiah
Written By: Jasmine Kiah & Breanna Taylor
Co-Directed By: Jasmine Kiah & Breanna Taylor

Filmed By: Dequadray White


‘Draping’ is a seven-episode short film series that examines the complexity of Black femme identities and the durag as a cultural artifact, while serving as an exploration of interdisciplinary cinematography. The project seeks to increase representation of intersectional Black womanhood on screen and challenge conventional approaches to storytelling and visual composition via a multi-medium platform that includes: film, photography, poetry, dance, fashion etc.

Created By: Kennedie King & Tiffany Ike

Photography/Videography By: Duke Virginia

Performers/Choreographers: Zawadi Carroll, Jamie Dawson, Synovia Knox, & Breanna Taylor

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