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"Jeepers Creepers" Directed By: Victor Salva (2001)

"The knowing is the horror and to see it is a scary movie."- Breanna Taylor. 

For some reason when watching this film recently, I was reminded of Aunt Hester's scream and maybe how it's not of this world. It rings in from some unearthly place, some place that only womanness can place you. Some place that Blackness continues to cut and refine. Maybe her scream can still be heard. Maybe it comes in the form of a disciplinary yell, maybe it's a dream, maybe it's the truth. The truth ringing in our eardrums, making us reach into the canal of our ear and shake it loose. Yet and still, the truth remains and to not know it is to die in naivete. Jazz singer and activist, Abbey Lincoln stresses the need to stay in the knowing as she reflects on her song 'Protest,' " I just want to be of use to my ancestors/It's holy work and it's dangerous not to know that 'cause you could die like an animal down here."

"Lovecraft Country": Episode 3, 'Holy Ghost.' 
Creator: Misha Green, Episode Directed By: Daniel Sackheim
"I'll never get used to seeing Black people and their bodies be used for the advancement of the yt imagination."- Breanna Taylor

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If you have had the opportunity to tune into Misha Green's remix of H.P. Lovecraft's work, 'Lovecraft Country,' then I'm sure you can understand the horror of episode 3, 'Holy Ghost.' What I found to be horrific in the episode was having to see the torn, disemboweled, bodies of Black people that were killed during experimentation. Mind you, our entire way of living is an experiment! While the show itself is situated between, fiction, history, and horror, we all know that the history of experimentation on Black bodies runs deep. In fact, three of the victims' names in the episode (Anarcha, Betsey , and Lucy) were actual victims of J. Marion Sims', who experimented on enslaved Black wimmin...

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"Lovecraft Country": Episode 8, 'Jig-A-Bobo' 

Creator: Misha Green, Episode Directed By: Misha Green

"Black kids don't get to be kids."- Every Black Person Who Knows the Truth.

*To help keep my analysis/points organized, I'm going to explain using pictures as a reference. Enjoy!

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